Christianity Compared to Judaism

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Christianity Compared to Judaism

The original languages are different too,the Jewish religions main language is Hebrew while the Christian religion was formed in Aramaic and Greek. The Jews follow the Tanakh (the old testament) and Christians follow the Bible (the old testament with Jesus). One general difference is their revered humans, Judaism has prophets while Christianity has church fathers and saints.

Also their ways of facing their sins are different. The Jewish way says if you pray and turn from your bad ways you are removed from your sins. Christianity’s way says you have to confess to your ways and you change them, then you are removed from your sins. Christianity is a more recent religion dating to circa 30 BC while Judaism dates back to circa 1300 AD. Another difference is Christianity is more populated at 2 billion comparing to Judaism at 14 million.

A jewish religious leader could either be called a rabbi or a rebbe, but a christian religious leaders can go by the name of a priest, bishop, archbishop, patriarch, pope, pastor, minister, preacher, or a deacon. The two religions don’t share any major holidays. Christianity has Lent, Christmas, Easter and Holy Week, while the main Jewish holidays are Yom Kippur, Dawn of Eve, and lastly Passover. Christianity says Jesus is their savior and is their messiah who has came to save them. Judaism says their messiah hasn’t come yet and their messiah will be human instead of being gods sun.

The Bible’s human nature is original sin which is lost after baptization and was inherited by Adam and Eves’ tendency towards evil. The Tanakh describes having to equal impulses, one good, one bad. Lastly, religious symbols of Judaism is the Star of David, Chai, Hamsa, and Tree. Religious symbols of Christianity consist of the Cross, Crucifix, Dove, Anchor, Fish, Alpha and Omega, Chi Rho and lastly a Halo. The religions Judaism and Christianity, yet very similar, have plenty of differences that make up religions.

Christianity and Judaism have many things in common and many things different. Both religions follow the old testament, and they both believe a messiah will rescue them. Another thing similar is they both where found in Palestine so they share many parts in their culture. Each belief has one god, and in both of the beliefs, god’s name is Jehovah. Lastly, they both follow the old testament. Although they are very similar, they have plenty of things different. A jewish house of worship can either be called a schul, a temple, or a synagogue, but a christian house of worship is called a church, chapel, cathedral, basilica, or a meeting hall.

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