Christianity and Science

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Christianity and Science

Limits of Science1. Worldviews affect the interpretation of scientific methods, definitions, and research.2. Materialism (Naturalism) is a widely accepted worldview. Therefore, science is seen through naturalistic spectacles (which means that only naturalistic theories are formulated).3. Evidence is only relevant if it progresses toward naturalism. Explanations are irrelevant if they lead to the Supernatural in today's age.4.Explanations must be naturalistic (on the basis of random chance). Otherwise, an explanation will not be regarded as being "scientific." For example, Intelligent Design is not considered to be "science." 5. Testability Issue: Darwinism is to be accepted and not doubted. William Dembski says that if there is no evidence that can be falsified (or no evidence at all) then evolution can not even be considered a scientific theory.

Science is the process through which truth is found through observations and procedures guided by laws; therefore, enabling for the categorization of what is known.

Lewis Says...

Modern Science came about from a culture in which Christianity was dominant.

Charles Darwin

Evolution is defined as "speciation through random variation, random mutation, and natural selection over time."

Philosophical Assumptions held by Science (Philosophy + Science)1. In order for a theory to exist, it must be independent of the external world.2. The external world has an order to it.3. The external world can be known. Knowledge can be gained from the external world.4. Truth exists.5. The laws of logic exist.6. One's cognitive and sensory faculties can be depended on (trusted) to find truth.7. Language is a sufficient way to communicate and describe the world.8. There are established values of science (theories must be analyzed and interpreted as is on a truthful basis).

Did you know?

Christianity and Science

Presuppositions -> Science -> ResultsNaturalist ModelChaos -> Cosmos -> Order?Theistic ModelLogos -> Cosmos -> Order!

According to Dr. Duane T. Gish, a lot of scientists hold the validation of creation to strict standards. On the other hand, they do not do the same when it comes to evolution. Evolution is regarded as fact. In fact, many scientists believe that evolution is true because of their naturalistic worldview. Their acceptance of evolution is based on presupposition and not on fact. No one has seen macroevolution. No one on this earth (today) saw when the world was created. However, it makes sense to believe that there is order because of a Creator (Designer) that gives order. Order does not come from disorder. Also, the Bible and natural revelation give a strong basis as to why the universe is a creation. Therefore, evolution, like creation, requires faith.Science and religion are complimentary to each other. Science helps someone arrive at truth through observation, and states what is present. Religion gives the basis as to why something is right or wrong.

If a culture is dominated by a certain worldview, then it will reap the logical consequences of that worldview.If Evolution is true, then...No Free WillNo ImmaterialNo Open SystemNo SoulNo HopeNo MeaningNo ValueNo PurposeNo Objective Morality

What is Science?

What is Evolution?

"Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind."

In Conclusion...

Genesis 1:1"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth."

Darwin's Finches-Charles Darwin made observations on finches.-The beaks of finches are different for certain habitats.-When droughts occurred, only large seeds (with thick shells) were available.-Most of the birds that survived had large beaks.-His conclusion was that evolution occurred.The Issue-When it started to rain, more seeds were available, and the population of the birds with normal-sized beaks was back to normal. This was all due to cyclical fluctuation.-The finches were still finches despite times of drought because of minor adaptations.-Today, minor reversible diversification is taught as proof that evolution is valid.

Einstein Says...

"The Naturalist thinks that the privilege of 'being on its own' resides in the total mass of things, just as in a democracy sovereignty resides in the whole mass of the people. The Supernaturalist thinks that this privilege belongs to some things or (more probably) One Thing and not to others just as, in a real monarchy, the king has sovereignty and the people have not. And just as, in a democracy, all citizens are equal, so for the Naturalist one thing or event is as good as another, in the sense that they are all equally dependent on the total system of things."

Angelo Puente


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