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Christianity- Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox

Eastern Orthodox: Originated in Constantinople when the eastern and western churches in Greece began to have diagreements in the seventh century. Eastern churches split off from the western (Roman Catholic), and became known as Eastern Orthodox.


Roman Catholic: Originated when the Roman Empire adopted Catholicism and began calling it Roman Catholic.

Key Terms

Catholic: Means universal in Greek which described the early united church Othodox: Means right belief or right worship in Greek Infallible: Never mistaken, as used by Roman Catholics to decribe the Pope.


Eastern Orthodox: Believe that teachings have been handed down faithfully and accurately. Also believe very strongly in the trinity which is God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

Distribution in Europe

Roman Catholic: Share many common beliefs with other Christians. One unique belief to Christianity is that the pope and all his decisions are always 100% correct.

Roman Catholic

Pictures of Churches

Eastern Orthodox

Created by: Hank McCrimmon and Brendan Hock

Sacred Spaces



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