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Christian Streets

The Assassination of President Abraham LincolnApril 15, 1865

The United States of America,A country that was createdIn order to avoid the the hardships and misdeedsReceived by England.To ensure that everyone could have equal rights and liberties. Not even 100 years later,We found ourselves embroiled in a brutal war.Not against another country,but ourselves.This war simply known as the Civil WarTested the fortitude and enduranceOf every American.Could the Nation survive?Or would they simply tear themselves apart?

For four years, from 1861 to 1865,Brother was pitted against brother.During this time,One the most legendary leaders in history arose.Abraham LincolnAbraham Lincoln was the 16th PresidentOf the United States.The war started at the beginning of his first term,And ended at the beginning of his second.What was thought to be a term of peace and rebuilding,Turned into on of Unknown for Lincoln.All due to the dastardly deedsOf an actorAnd his conspiring accomplices.

The Aftermath During the panic that ensued after the shooting, while escaping, Booth got his leg twisted up in a state curtain, breaking it. He along with the help of David E. Herold rode off on horseback to Dr. Samuel Mudd, who treated the leg. The duo continued on to Maryland after their stop, where they laid low several days. on the run yet again, the two stopped to rest in Richard Garrett's farm in Bowling Green, Virginia. The Secretary of War at the time, Edwin M. Stanton lead a huge search to find the fugitives, and after only 11 days they found them. The farm was surrounded by troops, all trying to flush out Booth. They even burned the barn that Booth was in down. It is unknown however who shot Booth, or whether he committed suicide. Either way, justice was served.Other conspirators were tried and hung or sentenced to long jail sentences. Lincoln was a martyr.

John Wilkes Booth Born on May 10, 1838 in the town of Bel Air Maryland, John Wilkes was welcomed to a big family with 9 other siblings. Following in his father's footsteps, Booth became a Shakesperean actor. His reputation was fueled attractivenss as a muscular dark haired man. Booth was born into a family that live Maryland, a border state, and so they were a majority union supporters. However, a group in Booth's family whole-heartedly supported the Confederacy. John found himself in this minority.

The Conspiracy John Wilkes Booth constantly criticized Lincoln for the job he was doing as President. In fact, at one point, Booth was so fed up with Lincoln that he devised a scheme to hold the President hostage, and the ransom would be for Confederate prisoners of war to be released. Thankfully, this plan never came into fruiton. However, Booth would not give up so easily. As Union victory began to look imminet, Booth connected with other conspirers to create a murder plot in which the incumbent, his vice president and other members of the cabinet were killed. Booth took the crucial responsibility of killing Lincoln himself.

The Assassination On Good Friday (April 14th) 1865, Booth is informed that Lincoln will be attending a play at Ford's Theatre in Washington DC. This theatre is one that Booth was known at, and he knew it was where he was going to kill Lincoln that very evening. So, he prepared himself by drinking away any fears he had left with some brandy at a nearby bar. Not long after the play began, havoc broke out. Booth busted down the doors of the President's box, and shot Lincoln one time with a derringer. This bullet wound would prove fatal as Lincoln died from it the next day. At the same time William H. Seward, the Secretary of State, was assualted and nearly killed while Andrew Johnson, the Vice President narrowly escaped any harm.

Lincoln's legacy was never forgottenHe has been praised by manyAnd respected by more.Many wonderWhat Lincoln's second term would be.How would he rebuild this nation?How would he ease the tensions?A mystery that remains to be seen.Thi was the first time,In American History,That a president was assasinated.Proof of how broken this country wasBecause of the Civil War.Lincoln is recongized today,As arguably the most popular presidentOf all time.



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