[2013] Ellen Bolch: Christian Doppler

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[2013] Ellen Bolch: Christian Doppler

Christian Doppler:The Doppler Effect

Facts about Christian Doppler:- The Doppler Radar is named after him, but he didn't invent it.- He was part of the Royal Bohemian Society, a science academy that taught enlightened ideas.- Christian Doppler married Mathilde Sturm in 1836.- He was a professor of physics, math, and mechanics.- He died in 1853.- He came up with the idea for the Doppler Effect in 1842.

5 Interesting facts about the Doppler Effect:1.) The most well-known example of the Doppler Effect is a train whistle.2.) The Doppler Effect is true for all kinds of waves. 3.) Even though Doppler said that the Doppler Effect is true for light waves, it wasn't untill after he died that it was actually observed and proved.4.)Colored light comes from differences in the frequency of light.5.) Hubble's discovery, that the universe is expanding, comes from the Doppler Effect, which supports the Big Bang Theory.

Family History:Christian Doppler was born on November 29, 1803 in Salzburg, Austria. His parents were Johann- Evangelist and Therese Doppler. He had three sisters and a brother. He was also from a family of stonemasons.

Christian Doppler's Education:- His primary schooling was in Salzburg and his secondary schooling was in Linz.-He enrolled in the Vienna Polytechnic Institute in 1822 and graduated in 1825.-In 1825, he went to University of Vienna and he graduated in 1829.-He was an assistant to Professor Burg, the professor of higher math and mechanics at the University of Vienna, from 1829 to 1833.


Doppler's Theory:The Doppler Effect was originally used in Astronomy to explain the color ofbinary stars. He said that all stars gave off white light, but appeared colored because of their distance toward or away from Earth. Although he couldn't prove this theory at the time, it was possible to prove that the Doppler Effect was true for sound waves.He said that a sound will seem higher than it really is as you get closer to the souce or as it gets closer to you. This also means that a sound will seem lower than it actually is as you and the source move farther apart.

Definitions:Binary star-a system of two stars that orbit around a center of massCenter of mass- a point where a force, usually gravity, acts on objects so they orbit a specific object or point. In the case of binary stars, they orbit each other.Red Doppler Shift/Redshift- a shift toward longer wavelengths of the spectral lines emitted by an object in the universe caused by it moving away from Earth.Spectral lines- a line in a spectrum from the absorption or emission of light at a certain frequencyRadio waves- an electromagnetic wave that has the lowest frequency

Details about the Doppler Effect:The Doppler Effect is produced by moving waves where the frequency seems to increase as you get closer to the source and decrease the farther away you are from the souce. The frequency isn't acually changing, the distance from the source only makes it seem like it is.

How did the Doppler Effect impact the world?- Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is expanding because of the Red Doppler Shift, which is from the Doppler Effect.- Doppler Radars bounce radio waves off storm clouds and measure the frequency of the waves that bounce back. - Submarines use sound waves to "see" their surroundings.


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