Christ Redeemer Statue

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Christ Redeemer Statue

Christ Redeemer Statue

By, Abby Jensen

This statue is about 710 meters high (2,330 feet). In the olden days you would have had to climb up hundreds of steps just to reach the bottum of the statue. Today there are trains and elevators to make the trip much much shorter.

The Christ Redeemer statue is located in Rio on Corcovado Peak. There it stands looking over the whole intire city of Rio. It is known as the 4th largest statue in the world. It is also Rio's number 1 tourest attraction.

What is it?

The statue was buit in 1926 and was finished in 1931. It took 5 years to build. You may think that is a long time but the statue of liberty took 13 years to build. The designer of the statue was named Heitor da Silva Costa. He built the blueprints in 1921.

Heitor da silva Costa was a normal person that created the Christ Redeemer statue. He was born in July 25, 1873 and died on April 21, 1947. He was a Brazilian engineer, they desighn and build things that are useful and cool. Since he an enginner he desighned and constructed the Christ Redeemer Statue.

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How Big is it?

Rio De Janerio

Heitor da Silva Costa

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How was it built?


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