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Chris van Allsburg

Caldecott Medal


Clldecott AwardCaldecott Medal

Chris Van Allsburg

Born in Grand Rapids, Michigan on June 18, 1949Owns two Siamese cats named Fafner and EloiseMajored in Sculpture at University of Michigan, graduated in 1972 Went to grad school at Rhode Island School of DesignMarried Lisa Morrison in 1975 Had two DaughtersHas written and illustrated 19 booksIllustrated 3 other booksInfo from Chris' Website

About the Illustrator

Influences:He started out as a sculptor, but didn't spend as much time in the studio as he would have liked so he spent time at home sketching his ideas. His wife, Lisa, saw his sketch book and told him he should illustrate children's books which started his carrer as an author/illustrator.

"So far I haven't spent more than a half-year on any of my books. That was how long Ben's Dream took, because it was technically the hardest. For both 'Gaszai' and 'Jumanji' the finished drawings required only about 10 days"-Something About the Author vol 37 pgs 204-206

EDEL 4540 Section 2Mandy Schmit, Katie Troff, Shanesa Johnson, Yvonne Palferyman, Sarah Anderson

Super Stippling ActivityStep 1: Gather paper and writing utensil.Step 2: Brainstorm an imaginative scene from your favoritetoy's perspective.Step 3: Begin creating your scene on your piece of paper using small dots only. (Dots closer together make darker areas. Dots further apart make lighter areas.)You are now Stippiling!Visual Arts Standard 1 (4th Grade): The student will explore and refine the application of media techniques and artistic processes.EdTech grades 3-5 Standard 1 Use keyboards and other common input and output devices (including adaptive devices when necessary) efficiently and effectively


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