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Chris Nolan

Christopher Nolan

Chris has been inerested in making movies since he was a boy. He created his first movie for a budget of 6000 dollars, now his movies have virtually no budget ceiling. All of his films have won academy awards, except for his first film in 1998.

Films Chris have directed/wrote include:The Dark Knight (2008)The Dark Knight Rises (2012) Inception (2010) Interstellar (2014)

One reason I like Chrisopher's movies is because of his tendency to stray away from CGI, and use real sets, props, and effects in his scenes. CGI makes many things less lifelike and he only uses it for things that cannot be replicated.

The tesseract in Interstellar was one giant set and had Matthew McConaughey hanging from cables 25 feet in the air. Almost everything in this scene was edited without any CGI.

There is a scene in Inception where Leonardo is fighting someone in what seems to be a gigantic rotating room. In reality, it literally is a massive rotating room. It probably would have been a little cheaper to just hastily animate the entire scene, but it wouldnt be nearly as iconic if it was animated.

The writers, actors, gfx artists, and everyone working on the film all consulted with real nasa scientists. All theories in this movie are being studied and/or proven by NASA. everything shown in space actually looks and acts how it does in the movie, except for the tesseract scene.


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