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Chris Hadfield

Could you imagine the pride of being the first from your country to walk in space? Chris Hadfield doesn't have to. When he first got interested in becoming an astronaut it was literally an impossible dream for a Canadian. But that didn't stop him from giving his best efforts to become one. He knew the best way to become an astronaut at that time was through the military, so he joined air cadets and got his pilots licence. Chris also loves to ski, so he became a ski instructor. He stopped even though it was a great job for him because spending a couple years on the slopes wasn't going to make him an astronaut. He then joined the air force and started training. He then went to the US to get a test pilot degree. After he finished his training, the CSA selected their first astronauts. A year or two after that he saw an ad in the paper that said "CSA astronauts wanted". He applied and after a long selection proscess in 1993 his dream finally came true.


1959-Chris Hadfield is BornAge 9- Becomes interested in becomeing an astronaut Age 13- Joined Air CadetsAge 16- Pilots Licence 1982 - begins training with military1987 - Goes to test pilot school in US1991 - Pilot of the year1993 - Becomes Astronaut

Chris Hadfield was the first canadian to walk in space and be the commander of the ISS.Chris is famous because he posted youtube videos from space about living in space.Chris performed with the Barenaked Ladies from space and is very active on social media. He is also an accomplished motivational speaker and is good at playing guitar.

Lasting Impact

Chris Hadfield showed Canadians and other people around the world that you can achieve wonders no matter from where you come.


Enter your source list- Wikipedia- Astronauts Guide to Life on Earth

A World of Possibilities

Chris Hadfield

Video From Space


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