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Social Studies

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chris bruen

I was born in Roane county, Tennesee. I then moved to Missouri when I was young man

Born-died 1798-1876

Joseph walker was sponsered by the u.s. for one giant expidition to California from Salt Lake city,following the humbolt river. He did find some amazing finds. He found a pass that was helpful during the gold rush, it was called walkers pass, he also was the first person to gaze at yoesemitie. He then turned back to salt lake city. After he lived in missouri for a couple years then whent to california and died in his home of Walnut Creek.

Walker's expidition

Joseph Reddeford Walker

Capt. Benjamin louis Eulalie De Bonneville was like a 2'nd explorer with walker and the 7'th U.S. infantry, he also led a group of fur trappers in the exipedition.

Capt. Benjamin Louis Eulalie De Bonneville.

Joseph walker during his early ages learning skills of the wilderness. then he went with a party of trappers in 1820. He also was a sheeriff with the Jackson county of Missouri.



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