"Chris Abani" Reaching dreams without examples: camila.mora.pellon4c

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"Chris Abani" Reaching dreams without examples: camila.mora.pellon4c

Christofer Abani was born in Afikpo(27 December 1966), Nigeria. His father was Igbo, while his mother was English-born He was imprisoned for six months on suspicion of an attempt to overthrow the government.

"Chris Abani" Reaching dreams without examples

was a person who knew how to fight for a goal, which is capable of turning problems into works of art, certainly a great character

do you want to know me?


The telephone never rings. Stillyou pick it up, smile into the static,the breath of those you’ve loved; long dead.The leaf you pick from the fallrises and dips away with every ridge.Fingers stiff from time, you trace.Staring off into a distance limnedby cataracts and other collected debris,you have forgotten none of the long-ago joyof an ice-cream truck and its summer song.Between the paving stones;between tea, a cup, and the soundof you pouring;between the time you woke that morningand the time when the letter came,a tired sorrow: like an old flagellantable only to tease with a weak sting.Riding the elevator all day,floor after floor after floor,each stop some small victory whittledfrom the hard stone of death, you smile.They used to write epics about moments like this


My memories

Honors and awards Finalist, PEN Beyond the Margins Award (Becoming Abigail)Winner, PEN Beyond the Margins Award (now renamed PEN Open Book Award) for Song For Night.Prince Claus Awards.Pushcart Nomination for Blooding. StoryQuarterly.



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