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What is Chondrodystrophy? Chonrodystrophy is the adnormal development of cartilage, which affects growth and formation. Occuring especially in the long bones of the body.

What causes Chondrodystrophy? This disorder occurs when ossification, the process of turning cartilage into bone, does not occur correctly. The body does not convert the cartilage correctly, especially the long bones of arms and legs. Mutations in genes that develep and maintain bone and brain tissue are a main cause. One type of chondrodystrophy is achondrodystrophy.

What are the symptoms Chondrodystrophy? Dwarfism Short Limbs Skeletal Abnormalities

TreatmentThere is so cure for Chondrodystophy no is there a specific cure, but treatmentis possible is this condition leads to hydrocephulus, obesity, or spinal stenosis.

Career Connection>Medical Geneticist work with, diagnose, and treat genetis diseases. In this case, they work usually with children who might have Chondrodystrophy

Long bone example: Femur



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