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Cholera is a very bad disease. Its caused by bacteria in water that hasn't been clean. It causes vomiting,diarrhea,nausea,headace, and abdominal cramps. People get sick really fast and some can die from it. Cholera has killed millions of people, it has even killed five hundred people in a day. Cholera is a very painful disease it hurts alot becaues you always throw up and you can't eat anything. It will come up and you get really skinny because you're food won't stay down. It causes death real fast too. You can die real fast after you've had it for to long.

John Snow was the first to discover cholera. He was wondering why so many people were getting sick, so he did some research. He found out that there was this well people were drinking from connected to the sewer. He tried to get people to take it apart but it was a hard job, until he finally got the city to take it apart. Less people got sick and everyone cleaned there water before drinking it.

Death Rate

The death rate in Africa is higher then anywhere else. The death rate in Haiti is 8562 cholera related deaths.


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Who found cholera?

You can get rid of it by taking the vaccines. It may not go away right away but it will eventually. It may not work but at lease try it its a better chance then dying.

It can even last for a couple hours it you don't have that bad and you treat it fast.It isn't around the U.S.A. really because we have stuff to help us get better now.


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