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Origin of Cholera:It started in 1817 in India at the Ganges river then spread to other regions by infected water and contaminated food. It is also spread by flies.


Major outbreaks:One major outbreak of Cholerawas in Haiti October 19,2010.Many of the population decreased because 6,631 people died out of 470,000

Transmition:It can be spread by flies with the bacteria touching your food and you eating it. It can also be spread by kitchen utensils.

Prevention:Us humans can prevent getting the disease by oral vaccines,drinking safe water, eating well cooked food and eating and drinking alot.

Symptoms:*Infects small intestents*Toxins realesed from bacteria*White diarrhea with fishy odor*Vomiting clear liquid

By: Dean Rarick, Vincent DePaolaand Veer Patel!

Treatment:The treatmeants are to get Antibiotics keep eating and drinking with proper sanitation. You also need sewage disposal and antibacterial treatment

Lethality:Cholera kills 50% of the people it infects. About 100,000 to 120,000 die from cholera cases each year.

Current status:The disease is not extinct.It still threatens undeveloped countrys like India and Haiti.


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