Cholecystectomy (gallblader surgery)

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Cholecystectomy (gallblader surgery)

Chole-cyst-ectomy = gallbalder removale Greek roots:"chole" - bile"kystis" - bag"ektome" - excision

Gallstone 's size is often around 0.5mm but it can reach 2.5 cm (cancer)


Bile is a yellowish liquid exuded by the liver, it's required for emusifiyng fats.

History of laparoscopic cholecystectomy*First laparoscopic cholecystecomy performed in 1985 by Dr Erich Muhe (Germany)in 1987 by Dr Philippe Mouret (France)Epidemiologic informations (*Between 70,000 and 90,000 a year in France*Less than 0.1% death rate

Laparoscopic surgery (35 to 70 minutes)4 small fits 0.5-1 cm- 1rst nozzle (umbilicus): carbon dioxide- 2nd port: laparoscope- 3rd and 4th opening: surgical instrumentsIncisions closed by- sutures- metal clips- steri-strips

Before the ^procedure:- A few days ago, meet an anesthesia provider- The d-day, not eating/drinking 4hours before surgery- In the operating block, sedative and pain medication by IV - general anesthesia - breathing intubation After the surgery- Patient is allowed to go home the same day but staying 3 more days is recomended- Drink a lot liquid - Do not participe to strenuous activity for 3 to 5 days

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