Choir Culture

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Choir Culture

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I observed a college choir class. This class meets twice a week, and performs the material learned twice a semester. I consider this a learning environment, because the students learn new music, as well as basic musical skills, such as: sight reading, proper breathing techniques, harmony, posture, etc.

There are a unique set of materials used in choir. These include posture chairs, risers, sheet music, an accompianist, and many more.

Choir uses a unique form of musical notation. It also has many vocabulary words associated with it, such as "soprano," and "bass."

Choir displays its own routines, such as warm-ups, stretches, and 8-bar practice.

1. School Structures: the classroom is arranged to where all parts sit together. Though this is meant for optimal sound during performance, it allows for students to better grasp the content by learning through their peers.2. Cultural Perspectives: Though the pieces of music chosen are often to fit a certain theme, usually they end up being culturally diverse. This exposes students to aspects of other cultures that thye may not have been previously aware of.3 Cultural Expectations: This choir is an honors class, so the professor hold his students to another level of professionalism and apptitude. This changes how the students themselves view the limits of their possible achievments

Choir can be considered its own culture, because it displays a unique routine, language, and use of materials, which are not seen in other settings.


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