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One of the Choctaw LeadersPushataha: the hero of the Choctaws, and without doubt one of the greatest of all American Indians

The chief of the Choctaws negotiated treaties with the United States government and fought on the American side in the war of 1812.


Choctaw RemovalThey were moved to vast wilderness west of the Mississippi River. Many families were homeless and lost everything. They were forced to walk through poor weater and many got sick and died. The Choctaw didn't stay in one group, they were spread out. They lived by related groups such as Creek, Chicksaw, and later the Seminole.

The Choctaw Indians were originally from the southeastern states of Mississippi, Louisiana, or Alabama. The treaty of the dancing rabbit creek in 1830 removed the Choctaw from their land and they walked 500 miles to OKlahoma.

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To clear a place for houses the Choctaw would set fire to woods are prairies to creat an open space. They also had many games they played such as stickball.

Traditional StewThis is a commmon dish that the Choctaw ate.

The Choctaws traded animal pelts and other goods along the Mississippi River.

Removal experience The choctaw was forced to walk in gruling conditions. Many got sick but were still forced to walk. Many dropped dead and family losed loved ones.


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