Choctaw tribe

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Choctaw tribe

What language do they speak?Most speak English, but others speak Choctaw Language. Which is a rythmical language.

Where do the Choctaw Indians live today?The Choctaw Indians today live in Oklahoma.

The Choctaw Indians

These are the homes that the Choctaw Indians lived in.

Choctaw men played stickball. Stickball is like lacrosse.

This is a dug-out canoe, it was used for transportation.

This a map of the movement they took.

How was the nation organized?The live on a reservation and have their own band.

What religion do they practice?They believed that someone would come down to the earth.

What type of food did they eat?They eat corn, beans, squash, sunflower, deer, small game, wild turkey, and fish.

Wht type of games did the childeren play?The boys played stickball and the girls played guessing games.

What type of clothing did they wear.The men wore breechcloths and the women wore wraparound skirts.

What type of homes did they live in?They were made of rivercane, plaster, and thatched roofs.

What is an additional fact of the Choctaw Indians?They made dug-out canoes for transportation.

What type of arts and crafts did they create?They made rivercane baskets and wood carvings.

Whayt type of interaction did the Choctaw Indians have with other tribes?They traded with others and were friendly to each other.

This is a rivercane basket.


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