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My dear, today is a special day! I want to say how much I love you. Every time I was sad or depressed you were near me and supported me. Everytime I needed energy and a good memory before tests you were there for me. You make me feel happy, you make me see the life through pink glasses. You make my day sweeter and more interesting. I know we can not meet very often because I can get sick, but it happens, love hurts sometimes... However I really need you, chocolate!Yours forever, Dana.


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How to eat chocolate?


1) Begin by reading books on chocolate. You can never learn too much about it; make sure to get books with colorful photographs of chocolate. Look especially for books that discuss tasting chocolate, discussions on the various brands of chocolate and the history behind chocolate 2) Try milk chocolate varieties. See if these please your palate. Always seek the best quality milk chocolate varieties rather than the common supermarket and corner store bars and confectionery. Look for European chocolates, especially Swiss brands, because, while they normally are more pricey, the product is held to a higher standard than most American chocolate. 3)Try dark chocolate next. This ranges in intensity from around 45% through to 100%. Be careful not to try the dark chocolate at too high a level to begin with or you may not like it. Start at around 45-50% dark and work your way up. Most people do not like the 85-100% range at first, as it tends to be very bitter.


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