Chocolate Hills

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Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate Hills

The Chocolate hills are a unique and slightly unusual formation. Consisting of about 1776 hills and covering about 50 square kilometers, the hills are dome shaped and covered in grass that is normally green, but in the dry season it turns a deep brown, the colour of chocolate. The height of these hills varies from 45 and 120 meters and they are spread across the towns of Sagbayan, Carman and Batuan, on the island of Bohol. There are also three adventure courses, the adult beginner, adult advanced and the child courses, plus a bike zipline, where you ride a bike down a zipline. These courses cost very little, with an entrance rate of $1.75, a cost of $5.83 to $10.20 for the adventure course and $11.66 for the bike zipline. Otherwise, you can get a combo ticket of the bike zipline and the beginner adult adventure course or the advanced adult and child adventure courses for $23.33.

They have an adventure course and bike zipline!


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