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Cell Biology

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II. Where is it in the cell: -Some chloroplasts are relatively small compared to the cell -Others may take up the majority of the space inside the cell

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III. Function: -Photosynthesis in cell: -Converts sun energy to sugars for the organism to use -Chlorophyll molecules: -absorbs sun energy

-Within the chloroplasts: -Stroma: -Colorless matrix lamellae are embedded; it also contains enzmes -Lamellae: -Thin layer of tissue; connects the thylakoids

-Thylakoids: -Internal membranes folded into closed disks -Contains: -Chlorophyll -Electron transport chains used in photosynthesis

I.Appearance:-Chloroplasts are green -Comes from two pigments chlorophyll a and chlorophyll b-Most chloroplasts are oval-shaped blobs, -But, they can come in all sorts of shapes in sizes; example: stars, ribbons -The chloroplasts are enclosed by a double membrane -The outer membrane: permeable to smaller organic molecules -The inner membrane: is less permeable


V. Why the cell can’t live without it: -Without the chloroplast the plants wouldn’t be able to absorb sunlight, or convert that sunlight into sugars -The cell wouldn’t get its necessary nutrients, and would die.

IV. What kind of cells to have your organelle: -Plant cells -Protists: -Advanced single cell organism (in Eukarya domain) -example: algae


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