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Cell Biology

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Two membranes contain and protect the inner parts of the chloroplasts. The inner membrane surrounds the stoma and the grana. (Stacks of thylakoids). One thylakoid stack is called a granum. Chlorophyll molecules sit on the surface of each thylakoid and capture light energy from the sun. As energy rich molecules are created by the light dependent reactions, the move to the stoma where Carbon can be turned into sugars for the cell. Below is a video of cytoplasmic streaming of chloroplasts in a elodea plant cell. To your left is a diagram of our wonderful product.

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Chloroplasts are the most important organelles in plant cells because; They make food, and fuel to cell to function. Without the chloroplasts, the plant cell wouldn't be able function. Without the chloroplasts, the plant cell wouldn't be able to work. Imagine your most important food source gone because you didn't buy our wonderful product. Plants also give off oxygen, which you also need to live. So if you don't plan on dying tomorrow, call 1-800-342-5545!! You can buy them at, or your local organelle shop.

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