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Cell Biology

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MudslingingMr. Chloroplast the most worthy canidate out of the 6 canidates in the running. Firstoff, the mitochondria has a long record of its reoccuring trouble with Leigh’s Disease. Lysosomes are also plagued by Hunter Syndrome. Mr. Nucleus, who has been on Mr. Chloroplast's tail all week has been found out to have muscular dystrophy in his family tree and this has cost him 10 poll pionts over the last two days. Mr. Ribosome, a small underdog also seems to be having issues. His involvment Diamond-Blackfan Anemia cases has cost him some followers as well. And finally we have the notorious Golgi Bodywho was strongly involved with the Achondrogenesis scandal the he too will likely be out of the running.

A chloroplast is a double membrane bound organelle that convers sunlight and water into glucose to power itself with.

- He is the most important organelle in the living world- The world depends entirely on him and without him, the world would cease to exist- His hard work and dedication is essential for every cell to live


This is the main Guy!

If elected, Chloroplast will work in unity with all organelles! He will energize the entirety of the cell. He will provide the energy that all the citizens of the cell need tobe happy and function at thier optimum.

Mr. Chloroplast is essential for the survivfal of his organism, his ecostystem, and the entire world! he does this by creating the very energy that every organism alive needs to survive. without him we'd be nothing!

Chloroplasts contain stacks of thylakoids ( kinda like pancakes). These contain the chlorophyll where the photosynthses occurs. This stacking structure allows electrons to easily flow between the individualt thylakiods.


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