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Chemical Elements

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A chlorine atom has an atomic mas of 35.453, 17 protons, 17 electrons, and 18 nuetrons. The melting point of chlorine is -101.5 degrees celsius. The boiling point of chlorine is -34.04 degrees celsius. Also the density of chlorine is 3.214 g/cm^3 which is greater than the density of water. Chlorine is in a group of elements called halogens and is a gas in room tempurature.

Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Most of the chlorine in the world is mainly used for purifying drinking water and swimming pools. This is because chlorine kills bacteria. Other uses with chlorine are that chlorine is in everyday used table salt, and chlorine is used in PVC, a plastic. Also, chlorine was used in world war one as a chemical weapon.

An important use of chlorine is that when you react chlorine with sodium, you get eveyday used table salt! This video is a demonstration of this reaction.

Fun Facts!-Chlorine is very reactive, objects can burn very easily when put in chlorine.-Chlorine got its name from the greek word 'chloros' meaning greenish yellow.-Also, Carl Wilhelm Scheele made chlorine in 1774 but he didn't realise his acheivement! It was Sir Humphrey Davy who concluded that Scheele had made chlorine.