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The Element, Chlorine By: Livia, Klimek

The History



What Does It Look Like?

What Is Chlorine Used For?

Physical & Chemical Properties

Website Used: Of Matter: Gas (can be presented in a liquid or solid)Natural Colour: Green (Chloros meaning green, describes the green gas of the element)Melting Point: -101.5'CBoiling Point: -34.04'CAdditional Information: Part of the Halogen Series, element may be extracted through the process of electrolysis

Website Used: element itself was disocovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in the year 1774. Though, the element recieved it's name by Humpry Davy not until 1810. Scheele believed that the gas created in a experiment he conducted, consisted of 2 elements, one being oxygen. Though, Davy proved otherwise, that the gas produced in Scheele's experiment was the element, Chlorine.

-it took almost 200 years for Chlorine to be known as a element -Chlorine can be used to create many oxides- only fluorine is a lighter halogen than chlorine-Chlorine is capable of joining with practically every element, producing a chloride.

Chlorine is mainly known to be used as an antiseptic, to make drinking water safe and to keep swimming pools clean. Though large amounts of Chlorine can be used for multiple industrial processes, such as in production of paper products, plastics, dyes, textiles, medicines, solvents and paints.

Intresting Information


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