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Chemical Elements

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Chlorine (Cl)

-Chlorine was first discovered by Carl Wilhelm Scheele in 1774 in Sweden.-It was first used in Vienna in 1847, to prevent the spread of "child bed fever."-It's name comes from the Greek word "chloros" meaning "pale green."


Carl Wilhelm Scheele

Physical properties:-Melting Point:101.5°C-Boiling Point:34.6°C-Classification:Halogen/non-metal-Density:3.214g/cm3-Colour:Greenish-yellow-State at room temperature:Gas-Viscosity:Low

Chemical Properties:-Chlorine is very reactive, and some other materials will easily burn (combust) when placed in chlorine.-For example, when thin pieces of copper are placed in chlorine, the copper reacts with chlorine to produce fine copper chloride particles, seen as dense smoke.

Societal ApplicationsChlorine can be used in the society in many ways:1. At low concentrations, it can be added to pools to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms.2. At low concentrations, it can be used to purify water supplies.3. In combination with other substances, it can be used to bleach your clothes.

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