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Pictures of Bigfoot

The Evidence

My Prediction

I think that Bigfoot is real because there are a lot of artifacts to show proof that Bigfoot is real.

Bigfoot is an hairy beast that some people declare a hoax or a real beast. People who have seen him say there are bones, personal evidence,and handprints and footprints. Bigfoot makes a big question to scientists!

Bigfoot is real with a lot of artifacts. You have to believe in Bigfoot. There are bones, personal expirences, and handprints & footprints.

Bones help the scientists, find evidence of Bigfoot. Bones are very helpful to anyone who believes in Bigfoot.Personal Evidence show videos and pictures of Bigfoot from people who caught the creature on camera.Hand Prints and Footprints show that Bigfoot has been there. Not only little footprints, but huge footprints that measure up to 12 inches long!

What do you believe?

About Bigfoot

This picture shows what a guy,who believes in Bigfoot, and foundartifacts from Bigfoot AKA: BONES

This picture shows how Bigfoot is related (How Tall)to a human .



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