chloe jeremy jasmine prey mantise

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chloe jeremy jasmine prey mantise

preying mantise

The prey is grasshoppers,crickets,and flies,including moths

The predators are bats,brids and spiders eat flying adults.

Inherited traits are comaflog,has a ear on it's top head,strong outer skealoton.they have sesitive eyes and a strong outer skeloton.It also paralizes it's prey

It's a secondary consumer and a carnivore

Inherited behavior they ambush their prey,they only stop eating when about to mate,when they want to mate they fight with the male , the female will cut off the head of the male and eat it's brains

There habitate is warm climates and found in north and south america,south africa,europe,the southern parts of asia and some parts of australia

Biotic prey mantis are drawn to plants their prey are grasshoppers,cricets,and flies, including moths that is what they need to suvieve

Abiotic is wood,dirt,sand these are non living we need them ro suvivreve

Non adaptations the way there legs are it looks like they are peraying,they don't do much for the evierment,they don't do mch.

Adaptations they ambush there prey to eat,they have spikes that cover there ftont legs,the mantise green and brown color acts as camouflage and help it blend in.



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