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chloe estrada


The advantages of hydroelectricity

Including:1 It dose not pollut the air. 2 It doesn't prodoce toxic waste. 3 water is returened to the river so it is a renewabel source. 4 Not expensive to maintain once the damn has been built. 5 when the gates open it puts the right amonut of water so the damn is not full.

The disadvantages of hydroelectricity

Hydroelectricity is a damnthat is full of water. It has gates that open to put water in a river or pond. The damn has a moter that produse energy when it spins

Include:1 killing fish. 2 Damns can change where the river goes. 3 Reservoirs can flood the suirrounding land. 4 Building a damn is expensive and time tacking. 5 Damns can distory houes by it breaking.



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