Chinese River Dynasties

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Chinese River Dynasties

This is where the chinese river dynasty is located

The dynastic cycle in China

The walls of China was built 4,000 years ago. It was first civilized in the river valley. Before Sumerians settled, early Chinese cultures began building farming settlements. Its society divided between nobles and peasents. The chinese were very religious people. They believed that the spirits of family ancestors brung good or bad fortune to living members of the family. In each family the most important thing was to respect your parents. The elder men took control of everything while the women would be used as inferiors. The people that lived in the river dynasties had a way of record keeping because they came up with characters or styles of writing to keep track. Each character meant something different. For the advanced technology the chinese invented a whole bunch of stuff such as fireworks, bkw and arrows, etc.

Chinese River Dynasties

The civilization of The Chinese River Dynasty



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