Chinese Revolution (Jacob Gdowski)

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Chinese Revolution (Jacob Gdowski)

Sun Yat-sen was a United states educated physician Sun and a group of nationalist made plans to end the Qing Dynasty and start a republic. Sun Agreed to help the revolution as long as he would be the president of the new found republic. During the revolution Sun attempted to ask britain and france for support for his military but unfortunately they both turned him down. Fortunately Sun was able to convince enough people to overthrow the Qing dynasty because the qing dynasty had a weak army the mass population of rebels could take them on. So in the year 1912 Sun Yat-sen was elected president of china and had successfully formed a republic.


1911 - Chinese Revolution starts 1912 - Republic formed Sun Yat-Sen Becomes president of china

1. they wanted to end the Qing Dynasty 2. disliked the weak imperial army that could not stand up to foreign powers 3.disliked Imperialism 4.angry at the Qing Dynasty for a loss of land to other countries 5. Angry at The Abolishment of the Civil service exams .


1.Qing Dynasty lost Mandate of heaven 2.Failed to Unite China as a whole 3.put an end to Imperialism 4.Sun Yat-Sen became president 5.Monarchy Abolished 6.the absence of Qing Dynasty created warlords in certain areas in china 7.United States establishes relations with new republic china 8.Britain expected that china still uphold the treaty of the first and second opium wars 9. Successfully created a Republic


The Chinese Revolution





1. Replace Monarchy with Republic. 2. Wanted to end Imperialism 3 Wanted to Strengthened the chinese military so it could stand up to foreign forces 4.Wanted the Qing Dynasty out of power 5. Wanted to Unify China As a Republic

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