Chinese New Year

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Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year 2014:

Chinese new year falls on different dates each year in between January 21 and Febuary 20.

The symbol above:(He) means: people harmony it is important to chinese culture because. When people are harmonious with eachother they get along a lot better than normal. Used in chinese new year

The 15th day of the new year is called the Lantern Festival. At the beginning of the new year it starts with new moon at the 15th day it is known as full moon. Lantern displays and children carrying lanterns in festivals

New years day is celebrated a time of where families can come together time of reunion and thanksgiving. Usually celebrated with religious ceremony of heaven on earth.

When chinese New Years has struck at 12:00 AM it is aa tradition to eat jiao zi (dumplings) help symbolizes meaning of money/wealth from old ancient shape and saying.

There is a 15 day celebration to the Chinese new year. And usually a different meaning/ goal for each day. Most of these meaning/goals to do usuall involve getting along and peace to eachother or certain people.

There are many superstitions on chinese new year. Usually they involve coming clean. Clean your house , pay off your debt, never tell ghost stories is another one. No because it is very inauspicious to do so

Chinese characters are used play on.Fu dao le menaing luck or fortune is used literally on Chinese new year . Dao meaning to turn upsidedown they literally turn the character itself upsidedown to show that fortune has arrived a use of play on words.

A legend that an old man came to save the people "scaring" off a beast of prey called nian and it is said that the man was an immortal god and rode away on nian and has never been seen again. He told the people to put red paper decorations in there windows every end of the year to scare off the beast.

Chinese new year is more to it than meets the eye. Chinese new year is sort of like christmas for the west gift giving being with family and celebrating having fun becoming one with the tradition.


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