Chinese new year

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Chinese new year

I attended a Chinese New Year diner with my girlfriend and her causins family. My girlfriend was born and raised in mainland China and really wanted to attend. While their the host family was very nice. Their home looked a lot like any other home with the only exeption a buddha alter in a corner. I experienced a bit of shock while seeing the food that was brought out. It was very strange looking and did not smell appetizing. I felt a little isolated because i could not join in the conversations which were mostly all in mandarin.


It was not much of a culture shock besides the food. A wow moment i did experience was being given a red envelope with cash that the host family was giving out. This experience did not realize my expectations of a completely alien gathering. I do regret not trying to talk to any english speaking people that were there. I spent the whole time on my phone, eating or talking to my girlfriend.

Lasting Impact

I believe this to be a positive experience because I got to see a little of what my girlfriends culture is. Learning these ways and seeing them in action can really help you see it as less of an alien setting and feel more comfortable if you go again.


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Classroom Setting

This might be something a child from a different country feels when trying out our food in the cafeteria or sitting at their desk not being able to have a conversation with someone because of the language barrier.


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