Chinese New Year and Festival

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Chinese New Year and Festival

Chuix, the last day of the last day of the year is the biggest time of the year for the Chinese culture. Families visit gather to celebrate the last day of the year, go to temples to light some candles, and burn incense sticks at the graves of their ancestors. Most of the people in the cities decorate their homes and buisness for the holiday.

Chinese New Year and Festivals

Some of the Chinese believe that that the lantern festival may be connected with the ancient worship of Taiyi, A.K.A, the god of heaven. One of the legands heard tell of a god named Taoist that can grant good fortune and was born of the 15th day of the first lunar month. Thin god is known for liking any kind of entertainment including lighting the lanterens.

The ghost festival is celebrated on the 7th lunar month of the year. The ghost festival representantes the connection between the living and the dead. The whole 7th month is called The Ghost Month because, ghosts and spirts are believed to emerge from the ground and roam the earth for the month.

Chinese New Year

Ghost Festival

Lantern Festival


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