Chinese Migration in Australia

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Chinese Migration in Australia

A story of a Chinese Man

Chinese Migration In Australia

The Chinese introduced Chinese New year and we celebrate it each year now.

Usually you could see that thing up there that looks like a cake, it is a moon cake. They brought that too.

The Gold Rush had caused people from all over the world to migrate to Australia. most of them came from Ireland or Britain. The Chinese though had gained lots of attention with their big population as well as their luck with finding gold in the mines. Due to this the Europeans grew jealous and even the goverment were harsh to them. This meant the Chinese paid higher taxes and were treated very badly. The Chinese then had to pay taxes to enter the goldfields and to avoid the high taxes the Chinese had to land in South Australia and walk to Ballarat. Which was a 620km walk.

The Chinese came to Australia in the 1850's to try their luck in the goldfields. The journey was long, meaning it took about four months in harsh conditions. For example having to go to the toilet in a bucket or not much food to last the four months. They were given one metre long beds so they would have to make themselves into a small ball to be able to fit. Once they reached Australia they had to walk in groups to Ballarat.

Once the Chinese were accepted in Australia , they brought things that were new. Like sugar cane, rice, noodles and more. Disregarding food, they also brought gunpowder, introducing fireworks to Australia. China has a big impact on Australias economy.

Racist poster


A painting of a riot

A Chinese Man

Fact: There was only 11 women out of 40,000 men from China

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