[2013] Jack Gilligan: Chinese Immigration

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[2013] Jack Gilligan: Chinese Immigration

The dominant reasons for Chinese citizens leaving their country for America were the ecinomical opportunity and the safety of the U.S. Other reasons include the economical and political falures in China in the mid to late nineteenth century. The California gold rush of 1848 contributed largely to bringing Chinese immigrants to America. The political push factor of the first major waves of Chinese immigrants to the U.S. was the Taiping rebellion.(1850-1864) Furthermore, the Huang He river flooded in 1852, destroying crops and major problems in China's economy. Another environmental failure that led to major Chinese immigration was the famine from 1876-1879.

Chinese Immigrants

Push and Pull Factors




Following the gold rush in 1848, Chinese immigrants poured into America as laborers by the thousands. However, many American born citizens did not appreciate the Chinese, the immigrants were persecuted and treated like blacks in the Ante-Bellum South. Congress soon passed the Chinese excursion acts, in 1882, prohibiting Chinese immigration. Futhermore, if any American women inter-married with a Chinese immigrant, she would lose her citizenship. Chinese immigrants recieved no constitutional rights.


The Chinese helped build the Continental Railroad from the Pacific. Immigrants also brought with them customs such as their food, or their superior education. Chinese new year celebrations and food have now evolved into normal American culture today.

Three ImportantChinese Immigrants


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