Chinese Cultural Revolution 1966 -1976

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Chinese  Cultural Revolution 1966 -1976

NotesWho: Mao Zedong led the revolutionWhat: Violent mass movement which resulted in descrustion of antiques, historical sites, and culture.When: 1966 to 1976Where: Throughout all of ChinaWhy:To get rid of the "Fourolds"

Aimee Oliver

Events that occurred:- The original hereditary and religious leaders of china were removed- Many people were exiled, imprisoned, and murdered- Religion all together was banned- Destruction in antiques and Historical sites Culture. - Formed Red Guards all around China to keep a look out. - The entire Revolution changed and became a Riot. - After the revolution, all the Culture that was banned was abandoned.- The Teens and Children during this time were used as the revolutionists because they were easily persuaded.

What Happend During the Revolution?- When the cultural revolution swept through china and got out of control, Communists started hunting down and murdering anyone they considered to be "enemies of the people". Communists banned religion all at once and Chairmen Mao was seen as god. My Opinion:The only reason why Chairmen Mao brought up the Cultural Revolution was so he could become strong against other government officials and stay in power.

Chinese CulturalRevolution1966 ~1976


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