Chinese Cinderella Final Project

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Chinese Cinderella Final Project



SUMMARYThis story is a memoir written about Adeline's life from the time she is 5 until the age of 14. Adeline Yen Mah grew up in China during WW II. Her family loathed her and considered her bad luck because her mother died giving birth to her. Throughout the novel, she struggles with being treated unfairly by people who are supposed to love her. She is smart and talented and finds a way to overcome these challenges. Her Aunt Baba is the only one who loves and cares for her. In the end, she earns the respect of her father but not the love she deserves.

Niang is Adeline's stepmother. She does everything in her power to make Adeline's life difficult including sending her away to boarding school. She does not get the same clothes, food, or privileges as her siblings.

THEME"Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted are the greatest poverty." I chose this statement because in the story Adeline often feels unwanted because she is abandoned and forgotten by her family. She has no one to talk to when she is sad or when she accomplishes great things. Aunt Baba isn't always around to help her. This shows that most people need to have family and friends that are there for them in order to be happy.

"By winning that prestigious international playwriting competition, you have climbed another rung on the ladder of success. Like Ye Xian, you have defied the odds and garnered triumph through your own efforts. Your future is limitless, and I shall always be proud of you, MY CHINESE CINDERELLA

The Bombing of Pearl Harbor affected Adeline's entire family. Japan was a very powerful country and wanted to do business with father. He often had to hide form them. When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor the United States became involved in WW II. China was now occupied by French, Japanese, and United States soldiers. Adeline lived in the French Concession and was taught English at school.

One of the most important events in the story is when Adeline's father allows his dog to kill her chick. She had named this chick PLT (Precious Little Treasure). She loved PLT and was very upset because her brother picked chick over everyone else's.

SettingThe story takes place in China in 1941. The story ends in Hong Kong when Adleine is 14 years old in 1955. Throughout the story Adeline and her family live in various places liek Tianjin and Shanghai. She goes to many different schools and witnesses the French Concession, WW II, and the civil wat between the Communists and the Nationalists.



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