Chinese Cinderella Connection

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Chinese Cinderella Connection


What theme from Chinese Cinderella do you most connect to?

Compose a six word memoir based on the theme.

Example: Choices

My life's path hinges on choices.NOTE: Be sure to pick a sticker that does not require scrolling!

Note: I picked an exaple NOT on the lislt to lessen your temptation to copy mine.

"Dare You to Move," by Switchfoot. From the movie, "A Walk to Remember."

The theme, choices, can easily be connected to my life because I have learned that wise choices make my life more pleasant, run smoother, and help me achieve more success. Sometimes it feels like I don't have any choices, especially when tragic things occur, but the way that I respond to any situations is always my choice and will affect the final outcome. In Chinese Cinderella, Wu Mei always made a choice to be true to herself and trust in her abilities even when no one else did. Despite feeling unloved, forgotten, and abused by her family members, Wu Mei did not buy into that mindset and continually stood up for herself. When she had the party with her friends at her house, it was one of the most crushing blows that she had to endure. But she did not relent and give up on herself. Times of loneliness at St. Joseph's would be unbearable for me if I had to endure it, but Wu Mei not only endured, she emerged victorious by continually choosing to make the best of every situation. I believe that the choices that Wu Mei made helped to shape her into the successful person she has become today, and I am grateful that she chose to share her story with the rest of the world.

How does the theme you selected connect to your life? Be sure to use details from the book to support your answer.

I always have a choice as to how I present myself. I can either see the worst or the best in others and situations. There is a choice to be made if I want to encourage or discourage others around me. Sometimes I forget that.

I can choose to use my brain cells to be creative and see opportunities in every situation, or to give up and be frustrated and disappointed in myself I like Liu Wei's attitude, "I can die or live splendidly!"

PICK A THEME: • courage • loneliness • self-esteem • family relationships

Find an image (photos) or graphic that represents the theme in YOUR life. You may choose more than one, but each needs a caption to explain the connection to the theme.

Find a song that matches your theme. Post either the music or a video. Be sure to add credits.

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