Chinese Americans

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Chinese Americans

Chinese Americans


*The Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882 prevented Chinese immigrants from becoming US citizens.

"The demons invented games for working faster, gold coins for miles of track laid, for the heaviest rock, a grand prize for the first team to break through a tunnel... Chinamen always won because of good teamwork, smart thinking, and a need for them money."-Unknown

This quote shows that the Chinese workers believed that by working smart and together, they could get a lot more work done than the other workers and get paid sooner.

How many were there?There were 50,000 Chinese Americans in California by 1870.

Who were they?Chinese immigrants who came to America.

Where did they settle in the West?The Chinese settled in California and all over the West.

When did they settle in the West?They started settling in 1849. Due to the discovery of gold in California.

Where were they from?They were from China.

Fun Fact: The Chinese were referred to as "Celestials".


*The Chinese were met with racial prejudice from the white workers while working on the railroads and in the gold fields.

Yee Fung Cheung: Chinese Herbal Doctor during the Gold Rush

Famous Character

The Chinese workers found it difficult to adapt to life in the West due to the racial prejudice. But they were able to look past the prejudice, and adapt by being successful railroad workers. They were favored by railroad owners because of their work ethic and their ability to lay a lot of railroad tracks down in a single day.

Why did they come West?The Chinese came to the West in search of gold, and for work on the Transcontinental Railroad.


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