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Chinese aligator

Animal Conservation

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Chinese Alligator

Common Name: Chinese AlligatorScientific Name: Alligator sinensisSize: 1.5 metersWeight: 88 lbsLifespan: 50 years in the wild; 70 years in captivity Habitat: Swamps and pondsLocation: Yangtze RiverGestation: 60 to 75 daysDiet: Pond snail and other shellfishPredators: Humans are the only predators to adult Chinese Alligators

Animal Information

Chinese Alligator hatching!

The Chinese Alligator is one of the rarest reptiles in the world with only 150 remaining in the wild. A breeding program started in 1979 offers some hope for its future. Significant numbers have bred in captivity, including second-generation animals hatched through natural incubation. There is a coordinated international breeding program and Chinese alligators are protected to the maximum extent of Chinese and international law, but they still need effective international action to help secure corridors and expand ranges within their habitat.

-Chinese Alligators are nocturnal. -The gender of a Chinese Alligator is determined by the temperature during the first few weeks of incubation.-The Chinese Alligator is also called the Yangtze Alligator because it is found in the Yangtze River. -Female Chinese Alligators lay 10-40 eggs at a time.-Chinese Alligators dig elaborate dens that are about 75 ft. in length and contain multiple rooms.

Fun Facts

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"Species on the Brink" Video!

Baby Chinese Alligator

Female Chinese Alligator

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Chinese Alligators can have up to 76 teeth

Male Chinese Alligator

Chinese Alligator Mating Call!


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