Chincoteague Island Weather

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Chincoteague Island Weather

Chincoteague is experiencing human development, which will probably make it hotter as the people release green house gases that make more and more heat stay on the Earth and cause temperatures to rise.

Chincoteague Island Climate

Chincoteague has a humid subtropical climate, so it has hot humid summers and cold winters.

It’s an island surrounded by water, but it’s got another island blocking it from the ocean. The wind that reaches it blows from the continent so it is blown on with warm dry air rather than cold wet air. It's very Marshy

Thunderstorms, floods, hurricanes are the kinds of severe weather that hit the region.

Chincoteague Island was hit by the Ash Wednesday Storm of 1962. It was a wild hurricane that flooded the streets of the island with six feet of water. Tons of the islands profitable businesses, such as the chicken, clams, and wild ponies, were devastated.

Warmest Month:July with temperatures of 84.1 degrees Fareinheit.Coldest Month: January with temperatures of 28 degrees Fareinheit.Highest Month of Precipitation: March with 3.96 inches.Lowest Month of Precipitation:November with 2.77 inches.

It's an island in the Atlantic. It would probably be colder if not for another island, Assateague, that protects it from most of the water. On the other side of it there is a river splitting it from Virginia.

It is located at 37° 55' 59" N / 75° 22' 44" W

Westerlies sail over Chincoteague going from west to east. It brings warm dry air from the continent rather then cold moist air from the ocean. ,



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