China´s Sport

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China´s Sport

The history of China is replete with the feats of warriors in wrestling, hunting, archery, horseback riding, and boat racing. Long ago some relics showed that hunting, archery, swimming, fishing and similar sports were well developed in China. The most popular sport in China is soccer, it was intro duced into the country during the latter half 20th century. The sport is popular throughout the country. Other popular sports are Martial arts, table tennis, badminton and much more. Fun Fact international Table tennis was started around 1970.


Ping PongDid you know that Ping Pong is China's national sport. Some parks in China even have Ping Pong tables. Sinse Ping Pong is so Popular now Ping Pong is even an Olympic Sports. Fun Fact in 1988 table tennis became a medal sports. Table tennis is also now known as Ping Pong.

Martial Arts is a form of exercise that started out hundreds of years ago. There are many types of Kung fu based on boxing ,leaping hand gestures and sometimes the movements of birds and animals. Another Martial Arts is sword play.This exercise includes movements with steel swords. Many People begin their day with tai Chi which is a form of Martial Arts. Fun Fact Martial arts are movements of self defense.

Pictures of Sports

Martial Arts

This is a video of Typical Chinese Soccer.

This is a Chinese Ping Pong video.


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