China's pollution

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China's pollution

Chinese air pollution

The air has become so polluted that it has lead to poor visibility in the various cities as well as reducing the average lifespan by five years. People’s health is not the only thing to suffer in China. Beijing airport has had to cancel flights due to poor visibility caused by hazardous smog. There has been a 60% increases in lung cancer in recent years. It has been reported that the air has become so toxic that mid aged people’s lungs have been turning black from breathing in the polluted air. The air has a constant foul smell and taste to it. The soil of China’s farm lands have also become polluted with heavy metals such as cadmium or even mercury. This remains a risk for anyone who works the land or eats anything produced from it.

Even with China’s current economic boom there still remain plenty of people who are considered to live below or at the poverty line. As a result of this many of China’s poor do not have access to such basic commodities such as clean drinking water or even plumbing. Currently many people in China are suffering from arsenic poisoning. The groundwater throughout various parts of China and parts of inner Mongolia. Although starting in 1994 China has made an effort to reduce the arsenic levels in the groundwater and as of 2005 5% of China’s wells have shown a high concentration of arsenic.

With the various industrialized nations of the world focusing on cleaning the environment, China remains one of the few that continues to pollute more than it cleans. With China in an economic boom the pollution has reached a critical level. As of now China is the biggest contributor of greenhouse gases producing 30% of the worlds greenhouse gases. For the most part China has neglected these environmental issues and it is taking a toll on people’s health. For the 2008 olympics in Beijing China just simply moved its worst factories to the outer provinces surrounding Beijing. The air was so polluted that many of the worlds athletes had refused to go to the olympics that year in fear for their health.

Although many top Chinese official have tried to downplay the issue regarding China’s current pollution problem they have come to the point in which even the highest officials can no longer ignore the issue. While many of the pictures showing various Chinese cities often depict a clear sky and no sign of any trouble anywhere, these remain staged photos in order to promote China’s well being. This was the case in 2008 when China hosted the olympics or whenever the eyes of the world happen to fall on China. With the widespread use of the internet even China has not been able to stop some photos leaking out to the rest of the world showing how bad it has really gotten. China as well as the rest of the world is at a critical stage in which if we continue to pollute as a whole we will slowly destroy this planet. If we simultaneously decide to cease polluting as a whole there is still time to better our current situation as well as for future generations.

China reamins the biggest pollutor in the industrialized world

images used to show the greatness of China compared to how life really is

water that has become so polluted with arsenic it has become unusable


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