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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Your Government-continued:They had a large army at disposal. Even with Tang being the first leader, throughout the 10th rule Dynasty, the emporer raised conflict with a bad rule. He tortured his people. Everything bad intensified until overthrown by Wu.

China(2100 BCE-1046 BCE)

ArtsArcheologists discovered musical instruments of the Shang Dynasty. Drums, copper cymbals, and Xuns( made from baked clay) are some examples of what they found.

Oracle BonesThese bones were the most commonly used form of communication during the Shang Dynasty. Sometimes the King would hire professional diviners to make predictions about the future or to answer a question. Oracle Script pieces were found in the Yin Rvins.

Culture:When the rulers died, the slave prisoners and the servants were killed so then they were able to serve the ruler in the after life. The rulers were also buried in beautiful jades and jewels.

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Your Government:People believed that the Xia Dynasty occured, but there is no REAL proof of it. It started around 2100 BCE. But around 1766 BCE began the Shand Dynasty. The first rule was of King Tang. He was from a trive in the lower parts of the yellow river. He always helped people, correcting wrongs or past rule

The rulers were kept happy in the afterlife by being given jewels and jades and by sacrificing the servants so that this way they will bring good luck and joy to the civilization.

Oracle Bones: The people had a connection with their ancestors or believed to have some type of way to communicate with them. They used an old turtle and they burned the inside with a hot rod and the cracks that the shell produced were used to tell the future.

Social Class:KingShiNongGongShang

Important Gods:AncestorsThe SunThe MoonThe RiverThe Earth


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