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Social Studies
Ancient History

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Record Keeping-The Chinese writing system helped keep records.-The Shang Dynasty was the first Chinese ruler to leave written records.- Priests kept records from the Gods they believed in.

Improved Technology-Roads and canals were built to stimulate trade.-Furnaces that produced cast iron were developed.- The iron devoped create weapons like daggers, swords, knives, etc.- A method of writing was devloped.

Advanced Cities- There was trade in the chinese civilzation roads and canals helped this- Coined money increased trade - Blast furances produced iron and helped in trade also because iron made different materials that they needed.

China2000-200 B.C

Complex Institutions-The Shang Dynasty had kings built elaborate palaces and tombs-The Zhou rule brought new ideas to Chinese civilzation. China had dynasty cycles.

Specialized Workers- The Chinese developed a system of writing- There were traders, priests, lords, nobles, kings


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