China Trip

by MsFamigletti
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China Trip

For two weeks in April of 2008, Ms. Carpenter and I got the opportunity to travel to China. We spent two weeks there and visited Bejjing, Xi'an, Shanghai and Suzhou. We walked on the Great Wall, saw Qin's Terra Cotta Soldiers, rode bikes along the city wall of Xi'an, and visited three different schools to see what life is like there. We also each spent the night with a host family. While we were there we posted pictures, podcasts and daily notes to our classes at Peter Noyes. Check out the links on our class webpages!

Ms. Famigletti's Trip to China

How do I look as a warrior?

Qin's Terra Cotta Warriors

Practicing calligraphy in the park

The Great Wall of China

Ms. Carpenter and I on the waterfront in Shanghai

Look what I found!



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