China town Summer night

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China town Summer night

I would say that my Wow moment came when I realized how beautiful the Chinese culture is. I didn't realize how much pride and peace this culture carries until I had a hands on experience.

My experience in Chinatown Summer Nights event was wonderful. I have never been to Chinatown in Los Angeles before, so this was a first and new experience for me. This is a very small town filled with lots of culture.

This is the Coat of Arms!

I think that this experience exceeded my expectations and taught more about the Chinese culture than I had originally known. I felt a deeper connection and understanding after coming here and interacting with the people. My previous thoughts and assumptions were immediately subsided once I walked into this quaint and beautiful town!

ChinaTown Summer Nights 2015

I felt that for the most part I fit in and blended well amongst the Chinese people. Most of the people were kind and friendly and were even eager to say hello and welcome me into their store or business. This made me feel included and accepted into their surroundings.

The Main Enterance of Chinatown!!

Chinese Dragon Statue

Chinatown Map

I beleive that a culturally diverse child may face a lot of the same assumptions and ignorances I had about the Chinese culture before having a hands on experience like I did. A culturally diverse child may fear exclusion in a classroom before having his own experience. It is important to teach students hands on learning so that they will not assume but know!

A typical Chinese meal from Chen's restaurant!!


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