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China Religion Taoism

China ReligionTaoism

Taoism is a religion in ancient China that teaches people to live in harmony, and tao means " the Way". They followed more natural order that social order not like Legalism and Confucianism. But, Taoists are not allowed to lie, steal murder, and drink alcohol. Taoists invented scientific studies. because they want to learn more about nature. Taoists made impotent astronomy and medicine.There's no founder or founding date of origin. Now Tasm is practised by 5 milion people in China, Japa, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

Yin Yang

Tao was started by Lao Tzu, who lived in 500B.C, in China. However some people believe Lao Tzu in a legendary peoson

Yin Yang is idea of two thing that represents th rhythms of life. Yin is all of the things that are cold, dark, and mysterious.Yang is all of the things that are warm, bright, and light.

Tao Te Ching

Tao Te Ching is the key book in Tao, but nobody wrote this book. It has 5000chinese characters divided in 81 brief chapter.

My opinion to Taosim

Taoism is my favorite religion because I think is Taoism is the religion that works best in modern day life. There are some big rules, but most of time followers can do what they want. I like to use electronic. If I’m follower of confucianism, I will have rule like I can’t play today, or can’t use electronic at all. But if I’m followers I can play it whenever I want. So that’s why Taoism is my favorite religion.


Lao Tzu

Returning to your true nature


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