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China-Jacob B


Spheres of Influence:Are areas of a country in which another country has the power to effect or influence a certain area for there better.

The Boxer Rebellion:Boxer/Yihetuan movement was an anti-imperialist uprising in China towards the end of the Qing dynasty between 1899 and 1901.

How It Helped Start World War l:The Boxer uprising was an uprising/movement against all Japenese and Western influence, which this created bad ties with China leading to hate between China and Japan and the West. So when world war l starts in Gerany there are chances to blame attacks and attack the them.

How It Help Start World War l:It helped start world war l, in people started trying to manipulate or control China's economy or influencing it for there own good and sticking there head in another countrie's economy and life styles, by attempting to change there religion, economy for money and our own well being. Resulting in the Boxer Rebellion

And this is how China contributed in starting the 1st world war.


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